Marianne Boesky Gallery

  • Art Basel Unlimited 2016

  • Art Basel Hong Kong 2016

Jerome 2014/2015 Identity

  • Catalog and signage for the Jerome Emerging Artists Exhibition hosted at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Featuring work from Kjellgren Alkire, Pao Houa Her, GraceMarie Keaton, Robin Schwartzman, and Nate Young.

Aaa Typeface

  • Currently in development
    The root of Aaa is based on Galliard but also heavily influenced by GZA, Times New Roman, and Minion. Gestures were developed by looking at traditional calligraphy drawing tendencies and translating them into a transitional serif.
    Used for the Minneapolis College of Art and Design’s Spring 2015 Commencement Identity.

Walker Misc.

Every Other

  • Aniccha Arts presented a 75-minute performance installation over a vast physical landscape at Grain Belt Studios. The Identity reflects the heavy use of the space itself as an object.

MN Voting System

  • Multilingual signage system to help voters through the various steps of voting.
    In collaboration with Parker Sprout.

Wealth Distribution

  • Four books containing different distributions of wealth in the United States. First is the actual distribution, second is what the general public estimates the distribution to be, third is what the general public see as an ideal distribution of wealth, and the fourth is simply even distribution of wealth.
    In each of these books the population is divided into 5 even quintiles, each group is given a different toned circle. Each book contains 1,000 circles. One circle is equal to 0.01% of the individual wealth of the United States population.

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