Lucas Arruda catalogue

The first comprehensive monograph of the work of Brazilian painter Lucas Arruda elucidates the artist's intricate, meditative compositions. Arruda’s intimately sized paintings of seascapes and junglescapes are characterized by their subtle rendition of light echoed by the publications intimate scale, delicate reproductions, and elegant pacing. Work done under McCall Associates.

Marianne Boesky Gallery

Since 2015, I have been refining and adapting Marianne Boesky Gallery's graphic identity through digital and print advertisements, custom email templating system, print publications, and establishing a brand style guide. Work done under McCall Associates.

Conflict Published


An online and printed publication exploring the tension between the success of the Sochi Olympics and Russia invading Crimea, Ukraine. It was also part of Ficciones Typografika (394–396), written about on It's Nice That, and was available at Printed Matter. Made in collaboration with James Dolence and Parker Sprout.

Dan Flavin: Corners, Barriers and Corridors catalogue

Showcasing Dan Flavin’s “corner,” “barrier,” and “corridor” works, the catalogue explores the artist’s core sculptural vocabulary and how his use of fluorescent light forged a new relationship between the art object and its surrounding architecture. The design is emblematic of the sterile and sparse installations that Flavin created. Work done under McCall Associates.

David Hammons: Five Decades catalogue

A monograph covering Hammons's output from 1969 through 2015. Two different slipcases were designed referencing specific works: a faux-fur material to reference the paint-splattered fur-coat installation from 2007, and an orange paper embossed with a basketball texture to reference Hammons's iconic basketball drawings and later basketball hoop chandelier works. Work done under McCall Associates.

Higher Source

Higher Source is a club night in Los Angeles. Through a distributed typeface, Higher Source internally is able to generate posters, flyers, and other ephemera. In collaboration with Parker Sprout.

Hood By Air


From Hood By Air's oversized navigation, to their still flickering logo, to the science fiction undertones, to the collection product navigation, the website echos the brands voice leaving space for HBA to warp what is expected of them in the industry. Made in collaboration with James Dolence and Parker Sprout.


In order to capture initial stakeholder customers, the site needed to feel unique and represent the brand ethos of being bright, fun, and playful. The site displays all of the individual pages at once, grounding the user before diving directly into a specific product. Navigating between products is “fun, like swiping through Tinder.”

Cindy Sherman: Once Upon a Time catalogue

Sherman's ability to play and construct identity through a single photograph tells a story. The design responds to this by breaking away from the traditional archetypes of an art catalogue and realigning to a paperback novel. The artworks are separated into three distinct sections: Centerfolds, History Portraits, and Society Portraits. Each of these sections are flanked by texts creating natural pacing. Work done under McCall Associates.

The Art Show

The annual art fair consists of intimately scaled and thoughtfully curated presentation by the nation’s leading fine art dealers exhibiting a rich selection of works from the late 19th century through today. The campaign identity utilizes the exhibitors rich and vast artwork imagery. Work done under McCall Associates.

Jeff Wall catalogue

In parallel to Wall’s enigmatic compositions, the design itself is straightforward but contains typographic peculiarities. The details throughout the catalogue guide one through his meticulous photographs that are traditionally displayed at meters in size. Work done under McCall Associates.

Wick Gallery

In 2018, I started an art gallery with three collaborators in Brooklyn, New York. I developed the naming, branding, website, and continued exhibition design. Throughout its existence, each exhibition had an accompanying publication allowing us, as exhibitors, to expand the conversation beyond the gallery and created meaningful collaborations between us, the artists themselves, and an outside network of curators, writers, musicians, and poets.